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KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival 2021

We are BACK and ready to bring the rage, torment and ecstasy virtually with Opera is MAD! An On Demand, virtual performance streaming exclusively during the 2021 KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival (Tuesday, Sept. 14– Saturday, Sept. 25) via throughout the 12-day festival. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, August 18th!


It's been a hell of a year for artists and audiences alike. What better way to experience catharsis than to sing about it! Opera is MAD! is an evening of the best our genre has to offer: Rage arias, "mad" scenes, torment, and ecstasy. Our roster of local, professional opera singers will channel their own pandemic experiences, creating moving interpretations of popular favorites and hidden gems and highlighting well-known composers like Mozart, Handel, Verdi and more! Opera is MAD! will take us on a stylistic and emotional journey. And hopefully, by the end, we'll all feel a bit better!


Opera is MAD! will feature singers: Pablo Bustos, Mark Daniels, Elisabeth Halliday-Quan, Heather Holmquest, Nicholas Kilkenny, Joelle LaChance, Sara Noble, Kerri Lynn Slominski, Yvonne Trobe and accompanied by the incomparable pianist, Yoshiko Arahata.  

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